Barn Reno Update Week 1

Our super awesome and patient contractor AJD Builders started the Barn a week or two early. We thought after Labor Day but we got lucky! 

Apparently the barn was 6" off level so they had to jack it up. I mean the building is over a 100 years old so give it a break. We should allow it some imperfections. 

Then giant thick support beams were put in there to hold up the 2nd floor loft. More Demo, Some support posts and lots of explaining. 

Reviving the Barn - It Begins

It is finally happening!

It feels like its been years but really we moved end of May so its been a few months. But Chris without his workshop is like a bird without a song... or Lucy without her peanut butter filled Kong.

Chris really can't contain his excitement. Once we both got past the large chunk of change that the Barn reno would require, we got happy.

Chris has been documenting the Barn transformation and playing around with Youtube. Check out a few of his posts if you like to follow along. 

Once the Barn is up and running we have a few projects lined up. Looking at you Wagon Wheel Coffee Table! And then will turn our attention back to the house. Because after all the work we did before we moved in, we needed a break. So we took the summer off. And have been living with a nail gun and air compressor in our bedroom just waiting to finish that moulding...