The one "Transformation" that everyone loved the most (so far) are the Floors. They really cleaned up nice and make everything cleaner and brighter and happier. 

Here are some Before Shots of the Carpets on 1st and 2nd Floors. We knew that the original wide plank hardwood was under there, we just didn't know the condition. Some areas were stained, some were painted, some were patched. But NO MATTER WHAT the carpet was going. 

Ok so we rented a dumpster, ripped up the carpets and the gazillion staples using this nifty plier tool. Then cut and rolled away the linoleum in the kitchen. This is what was underneath. Not bad. not great. There were layers of horsehair rug pads and then underneath a weird plasticy decorative rug thingy... that crumpled up. One Floor guy told us it was probably asbestos... this was after we ripped up like 3 of them and carted to the dumpster... 

Oh Well...Good times. 

Chris and I wanted to see if we could keep the original color of the floors. No Stain. We figured these floors are from 1863... so they should look like that. I mean thats the reason we got the house. It is super cool and authentic and original. It has wear and tear as it should being over 100 years old... We didn't want brand new floors. That would look weird. Like how people paint their Split Levels Tuscan Yellow and put up lots of wine themed decor... @pleasehatethesethings 

One minus - the larger spaces in between the boards... can't wait to get the vacuum hose attachment out for that cleaning.

We had to wait to see if there was intense damage that needed to be covered up. But lucky us there were some patches but nothing crazy. So we went with no stain and the protective finish. 

And now for the BIG REVEAL

(don't mind Chris' jingle jangle keys in the background)