New Life Project - We bought a House

basemeantwrx house

It finally happened. Chris and I found our UNICORN. It exists. 

We were looking for YEARS for a home that checked way too many boxes. 

  • 3 Bed, 2 Bath
  • Space for Chris' workshop that wasn't attached or in the house (noise, smell, marriage saving)
  • Good School System
  • Taxes under $10,000
  • More land (for dogs & for Chris since he is from way out there North Jersey)
  • Under an hour from my family (we are about 30-40 mins from my Dad in new house)
  • In our Price Range (trickiest part)

And we found it. We actually found 2 options. 1st was near Princeton, old historic home, separate garage, separate barn, outhouse... but insane amount of work. Plus it was already under contract. 

In October I drove by our 2nd option. It was pouring rain, Evie was sleeping in the back and I said to myself, "Oh wait... is this it?" And 6 months later we finally turned the key to our new home. It was an insane, emotionally frustrating, nerve wracking, largest business transaction ever... and I don't plan on ever doing it again... but let's not get dramatic. 

It's been a full week since we closed (yay 2nd March Nor'easter), We spent the last week strategizing and demo'ing. Chris took his vacation time this week. It has been super relaxing for him.

But we are in. We ripped up scary 60s-70s carpets (that have been there THIS WHOLE TIME!!!) and revealed the original wide plank floors (which need some serious refinishing). We removed 4 layers of wallpaper in the kitchen. #neveragain. And we are gearing up to paint, put up some new sheet rock and get started on the barn (Chris' workshop). 

So stay tuned. We have before and mid way pictures. We have insta stories, we have video. We have dry cracked hands and sore muscles. But I'm hoping its all worth it right? Maybe once I am enjoying a crisp white at my custom Kitchen Island that Chris built while Evie is banging pots and pans...