Taking a minute to post a little about Stew and Luce and the joys of Moving with Dogs. Stew and Luce have both moved before so they knew the drill. But they are older now, more set in their ways. They already had to endure Evie's arrival last year and the wrath of her tail pulling. So the past few months of us Packing, Moving thing Out, Driving them to the New House on weekends, Sitting in Crates or quarantined off in rooms for protection from nails and screws and paint definitely got to them. 

So here is a little tribute to the trials and tribulations of Stew the Doxie/Terrier Guarddog & Luce the Blue Nose Pitbull Seacow. 

#1. The Dogs Hate the Car...  like HATE. Stew usually throws up 20 minutes in (no matter what) and Luce has to sit in your lap or have her whole head out the window. Not safe. We had to take them to the New House because we Rented, and the owner was trying to sell. The realtor scheduled showings which is hard with a baby, but even harder with dogs... when you are trying to renovate and get into the New House. There were quite a few weekends we had to take them along while we painted. They didn't love it and perhaps not the best introduction to their New Home. But it happened. 

#2. No Fence. YET. We had a fenced in yard at the Rental. I actually had it fenced in for safety and my sanity. I only had to fence in the 2 front sections to connect wit the neighbors' existing fences. We had just been going up and down 3 flights of stairs 3x a day in the city and I was dreaming of the day to just open the back door.. It was Bliss. Until they both escaped into the neighbors yard to eat the cat food he fed the strays... I definitely won't miss Old Man Bill. 

We are putting a fence at the New House, but that comes after the Barn is finished and I figure out finally what I want in terms of style and location. We will get there. Soonish. 

#3. Nature. As in new smells, new sounds, new neighbor dogs, ticks (so far we removed them immediately so no worries there, and we check them to make sure Evie doesn't ever get one from them). All big adjustments for City Dogs who became semi suburban dogs to basically "the Country" as my Dad likes to call it. 

Now that we officially moved, the dogs are settling in. Working out the kinks, like forgetting potty training, tick removals & refusing to sleep in their own beds. But we are working through it. Everyone just needs to get comfortable. 

From the look of it I think they are getting there.